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Did you know, that John Zorn played Sax on the Violent Femmes` Hallowed Ground. Most noticable on Black Girls.
I`ve got to warn you about Torture Garden by Naked City. 8 years ago I taped said record for my sister and she was so impressed, that she used it as a soundtrack for all the short films she´d done so far (back then she was a filmstudent in Cologne), then somehow managed to show them to John Zorn and in the process got involved with the Jewish/avantgarde Jazzscene in New York, made a film about them (Sabbath in Paradise, it´s quite good), moved to New York and is now working on a film about the master himself. Sadly enough good old John is so unreliable and, well, a bit difficult to say the least that filming with him is a real pain in the ass. But everything will be back to normal when the damn thing is finished.
Actually, I´m a bit intimidated by people like John Zorn. Lacking any musical talent whatsoever, I prefer the approach from people like Sonic Youth where they are on this neverending search for the perfect feedback, whereas John Zorn can play anything he likes, being the musical genius that he is. I just like it if you have the feeling that this band or artist play the music because the simply have to, regardless of trends or marketing strategies.