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Of course we don´t say dey. Don´t be ridiculous. And don´t be so pedantic. I knew it was wrong because it looked wrong, tried various combination, didn´t look right either, went for dey. BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS, THAT YOU KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT!! Actually Joe Dilworth, the faith healers drummer, (guy, that I see on and off), he was together with PJ Harvey for some time and on Dry there is a song about him. Aptly named, yep, you guessed it: Joe. Joe is very much into East German motorbikes (there is one in the living room, one in the backyard and one out front). In fact I think it´s fair to say that it´s one of his obsessions. Apparently Polly was so sick of listening to his twaddle about MZs (Motorwerke Zokau) that she recorded a whole album with songs about how much she hated Joes Motorbikes, yet the wimps at too pure didn´t thought it would sell very well so it was never released. I would really like to hear it.

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