<BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dimpfelmoser:
Can you please tell me why you quote every smegging post you reply to, even when, as in this case, your reply doesn´t relate to the post whatsoever.
Yes, I too think that this quoting option is a jolly good feature, but hey, after 500 post the exitement should slowly wear off and well, most of the time, people understand what your refering to without reading it twice. I think it is only necessary if you reply to something further above. Otherwise it just clogs up the screen. Sorry but my machine is so slow.

Long before the days of BBSes, there was newsgroups. Perhaps you all have heard of them – alt.music.whatnot type things. Back in the day, we were anally raped if we ever didn’t quote. Old habits die hard. I’ll try to stop if it’s really that upsetting.