Yeah Exene is`nt easy to listen to.I saw John Doe on tv not long ago on the show"Martial Law";he played a bad guy and got his ass kicked by the show`s star Sammo,martial arts expert.
I don`t have the X anthology but heard in a review that Pee Wee gave a testimonial on X.
All the X stuff is being reissued soon on Rhino,that should be cool,I want a copy of Los Angeles!
The Dino Jr best of I will buy anyway even though having all the tunes;the whole package should be great.Plus it should get more people into J,we`ll problably get some more members here!
I bought the MC5 best of last year that Rhino put out;It has some early singles and a live song from a french tv show plus the best tracks from the 3 albums.
I hope someday Rhino will put out a Husker Du best of.
I have a Buzzcocks best of;operation manual which is really good.