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some random lyrics you might like RJ from a band called Clark:

This is the last stanza of their song called "the beast"

all of these games
in my head
and my face is red
now I’m tired
in the worst way
dragging my feet
gnashing my feet
yeah I’m tired
in the worst way
so I’m asking
for a favor
tape this crowbar
to this postcard
and send it off
to my head in
an hour
don’t feel bad
don’t be sad bro
called alternately "bill laimbeer" and "something you should know"
check out my bruise dude
it’s black and blue and
shaped like you
it covers my chest
caving in is what I do best
it comes so easy
baby it’s easy like breathing
sometimes I hold my breath
that night I crashed like
a chrysler
god I wish I’d try harder
but I left that room wounded
with my bruises and contusions
door slammed shut with a shove
because someone on the
other side couldn’t see mine
all there are on this heart
are scars
and even though I’m scared to
show them to you
you should know that
all those hours we wasted
were always my favorite
Good luck in Sacto.

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