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Randy Jane

oh, the guilt…..

As I knew…Im getting a TON of guilt trips laid on me. Some of them are coming from people I thought would understand why im going…and would be happy that I am going to go do something with my life instead of stay here and work at one of the factories that will prolly close down in a year or two. I dont want to just sit in this town and have this chance thats coming up be my "What If." What if I hadve gone? Would I be in a band on tv? in a band not on tv but still making it? In a starving band? under a bridge…..what? I dont want that. Even if the music scene isnt the best out there….I can already tell you all its better than ANY oppertunnity that I will have here in Elizabethton. Here, its emo…thats all turning metal, or Death metal (Nu Metal). Its not a very kool place to be for a grunge band that is. If anything happens after I leave, anyone dies or anything….I will get pinned with it. "I broke thier heart" or something like that…I garuntee someone will try to pin it on me. My family is like that unfortunately. Well, time to go…RJ.