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Randy Jane

Hi all…..im finally here, actually been here for about 3 days now, but really no computer access untill today. We had some car trouble in Tucumacari NM. Mavericks car broke down and is actually still sitting there. We paid a guy to fix it, it ran great for about 10 miles, then died agian so we called people and were lucky enough to find someone to rent us a uhaul. The whole trip though wasnt bad, I didnt even mind the layover in NM, it made me think of all of these ways we could get home, all of the sudden people were listening to my ideas instead of there own, even if they were bad or something, so that was kool. We had to leave a ton of equipment in TN sadly, I wish I could get back there and get it now. As far as my bed…..yeah…I sleep outside a lot here…it’s too hot here, the only complaint I have. But yeah, if anything comes up…like RJ shohws or something (people here so far love RJ!!!!!) I will let you girls/guys know something. For now…..boi…Randy Jane.