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Randy Jane

ok….he did it. My dad called my mom and talked to her (she told him I was gone) and said that he wants their tag number, a copy of their licenses (sp) and for them to be taken to the jailhouse to have a set of fingerprints made. He went on to say what I expected…that my grandma is going crazy over this and worrying herself to death, losing sleep and its all because im moving and if anything happens to her, its my mom and I to blame. He said that I HAVE to call and tell him exactly when they will get here (like I know that anyways) so he can be here and be sure this stuff gets done. If I dont tell him, he says he has ways of knowing when they get here and will have the police pull us over before we leave town, (they cant do crap anyways im 19 and am willingly going). So basically, he said hes going to have some one watching our house to see when they get here, hes already called the police and talked to them. There is a certain level of worrying that I would expect, but all of this? Telling my mom she is an unfit mother for letting me do this to myself and my grandma..???? Dont sit there reading this thinking to yourself that he wont do this stuff……hes done some things before…..this is nothing. He told me, that if I did tell him all that stuff and had fingerprints made and junk…and I didnt call when he thought I was supposed to, that he would drive out to where I was supposed to be that night, find me and see why not. It takes a whole lot to make me mad, hes just trying to either make me mad, or embarrass me. There isnt much on either side of that…I dont care what people think about me….its really friggin hard to embarrass me, but hes getting pretty close to having me mad.

………Im really tired of it…hes never been there or cared before…..only when it looks bad if hes not or he knows he can lay a guilt trip on me…..and THIS is the kind of guilt trip I get from my family everytime I want to do something. That side of the family just doesnt get it..my moms side is all for it and wishes they had the guts to do it. So….what if they turn out to try to kill Mav and me? two girls….and two Telecaster armed guys……hmmmm. Not getting into that one.