Bucky Ramone

den Buck’s translation:

From his debut in 1986, Dinosaur Jr. was still called Dinosaur then, Mascis is just doing his thing, and that thing has always remained the same: drums, bass, lots of guitars and sad lyrics, brought to you by someone who sounds as if he is suffering from a bad case of constipation. And yet, after a few listening sessions all those records (even if they are completely interchangeable since let’s say ‘Without a Sound’ [ <img> <img> – den Buck]) make their way through skin and flesh, and find their way into your bloodstream. With this record "Free so Free" it’s exactly the same. There are no real highlights, but for the boys and girls who are reading this at home, we pick the three songs that we can whistle along to best at the moment. First there is the sad ballad "If that’s how it’s gonna <img> be", a vague sense of subdued, resigned grief, you surely know the feeling. Secondly there is the title-track that somehow reminds us of "Cortez the killer", although we can’t say why. And last but not least the rocker "Everybody lets me down", because after hearing it five times it became clear, J. Mascis knows how to touch the right strings, and he will just keep on doing that. Some time ago he paid tribute to his old heroes the Stogges, will somebody please give him such a tribute in 25 years time? If there are still guitars around by then,
of course…..