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well, my favourite book of 2000 was Dead Long Enough by James Hawes. It´s about those 4 guys who go to Dublin on a Birthday spree in order to prove to themselfes how young, whacky and fit they still are (all in their late thirties) and that´s where it all goes terribly wrong. The two other books from Hawes (A white Merc with fins and Rancid Aluminium) are great as well. My favourite book af all time is The male cross dresser support group by Tama Janowitz. I´ve urged everyone I know to read it and it went down a storm with most of them. It was very reassuring to find out that Pamela (the alter ego of Tama in this book) sees herself as a female member of society in exactly the same way as I see myself as a male. Love her for that. Sounds a bit enigmatic, almost sinister, but if you read it you will know what I mean.
I suppose you all read Filth by Irvin Welsh, but just in case you haven´t, it´s a must, almost as good as Maraboo Stork Nightmares. And if you liked The man who mistook….. you should read Great Apes by Will Self. You will find out why fairly early in the proceedings.
Favourite film of 2000 has to be Dancer in the Dark (Lars van Trier) and since I saw U-Turn by Oliver Stone I have a soft spot for Jenifer Lopez (sorry about that), but Christina Ricci is so much better and therefore Buffalo 66 wins hands down.
By the way, favourite five songs that deal with suicide
1) Violent Femmes – Country Death Song
2) Nomeansno – Dead Bob
3) Only Ones – Why don´t you kill yourself
4) Silverfish – A fucking strange way to get attention
5) Spacemen 3 – Suicide

That all for now folks

if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask for it

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