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Hey Robert,

Appreciate the post but doubt that I have more knowledge than you…you gave me the Flaming Sideburns…too cool.

Lots of my favs are inbetween releases right now, The Flaming Lips are in the studio god knows how long that will take but can’t wait for that one. Swervedriver put out some great stuff, the last one though was way too mellow for me. Rumor is they are recording a new one soon, hopefully it is more along the lines of their earlier releases like Raise, Ejector Seat Reservation anad Mezcal Head…all loud and sonic which is just how I like…no need it. I think Adam Frankin is doing a short tour in the states for his Toshack Highway release…wish he would focus on Swervedriver though.

Scott Morgan has a new release coming out, http://i94bar.com/ints/mediumrare.html
good info at the above address. Apparently the Hydromatics are awaiting the release of a new one as well.

William Reid ex of Jesus and Mary Chain…my heroes…has some interesting stuff out under the name Lazycame. If anyone out there knows what Jim Reid is doing please let me know, I miss JAMC!!!

New Christs are ok, kinda hit or miss though but they are touring now in Europe so if you can check them out.

Thats all my tiny brain can handle right know but will think on it and post more if I break out of this zombie trance…too many Tanqueray and Tonic’s…was fun though. [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img]


ps hope the snow has finally left…beautiful here…. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]