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Now that ALL THE BEST BANDS BROKE UP (Dinosaur, Archers and Pavement), the resulting new bands/solo careers are worth checking, especially Eric Bachman’s (ex AOL frontman) Crooked Fingers and Eric Johnson’s Spooky J. EB gruffly singing like the Pogues on "New Drink 4 the Old Drunk" has gotta be heard.

Bookwise – check "Powder" by Kevin (damn what is his surname). It follows the progress of a 4 piece British bands from no-ones to world superstars, from the guitarists heavy drug problems and fetish for deformed, scarred dwarves, to the liggers and hanging-on music press desperate for some attention and recognition. If I remember the guys surname, I’ll let ya know, but try to dig it out.

J’s cameo in GFL – interesting. "Wanna buy a stone?" Err….ok!