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Hey Dimpfelmoser,

58 films in 11 days….not bad at all, sounds like a great experience. Soundtrack with a couple of Stooges songs, definitely up for that…hopefully the cheques are in the mail for the Stooges. Lily Taylor is very cool, not much of a courtney fan though. American Nightmare sounds interesting, Cronenberg kinda creeps me out though but I will keep my eyes peeled for that one. I love horror films, not the slasher type but the old monster movies like the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Invisible man….hollow man sucked so badly why do they bother when the originals are so cool. Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outerspace and Bride of the Monster are hilariously cool as well, picked up a 3 pack of Ed Wood classics…came in a fluffy pink pack, not angora though. A friend gave me a copy of an Ed Wood book, it was 2 books in one Death of a Transvestite on one side and flip it over and there is Devil Girls. Definitely trashy but hilarious at the same time.

Recommend the video Ed & His Dead Mom, stars Steve Buscemi….he is one of my fav’s.