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I just got back from the Berlin Film Festival. Saw 58 movies in 11 days and there is some stuff worth seeing. First the Film that got the golden Baer, Intimacy by Patrice Chereau. Not my personal favorite but definatly recommended. And Bates, you gonna like this, there are two Stooges songs on the soundtrack. I should warn you that this film has the most realistic sex scenes (not very erotic though) that I´ve ever seen on the screen. Julie Johnson with Lily Taylor and Courtney Love was good too, but basically because I just love Lily Taylor. She was there too, only 20 feet away. What a great moment of my life.
Actually I saw Crumb years ago on this very festival and thought it was a great documentary. Not so much about Crumb but about America.
This years best documentary was An American Nightmare. A film about the 60/70s horrorfilmmakers, Craven, Carpenter, Cronenberg and their peers. Not my genre, but a real nice documentary. Goddspeed you black Emperor did half of the soundtrack.
Also worth seeing: Werkmeisters Harmonies by Bela Tarr. Series Seven, Italian for Beginners (a Dogma film from Denmark, like a soap opera dogma style, but really funny and not as corny as you would think), Don´s Plum (the film that Leonardo Dicaprico doesn´t want us to see, I don´t know why really) and the Claim by Michael Winterbottom. This was a right tearjerker. Beautifully done.
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