deepsludge, that’s funny….I read the lyrics here on this site, and according to whoever put them up it’s "I got pissed but it’s God who gave me this". Click on "Band info" and then "lyrics" and "Sameday" to see for yourself.

So, I figured those are the "offical" lyrics. I couldn’t make out the lyrics myself. That was why I searched for them on this site.

Also, I searched the archive and found out that, in Feb. last year, this guy named toddo posted all the lyrics to More Light. He said: "i have the complete lyrics for the whole album more light…it is a special edition from japan"

Well, here’s the offical "Same Day" lyric, according to him:

i woke up suddenly you’re the one i love
it’s the sameday, it’s the sameday
i got pissed but it’s god who gave me this
on the sameday it’s the sameday

Better be grateful son
its you who wanted my life
here’s what you asked for
do your best don’t mess with my life

*dreamed a picture sent to me
couldn’t hold it that was my life
its sad, it’s sad to know you’re colder
piece together you and me
the gift means everything to my life
be glad that no one told you
rain on now that was my life
bring them where they ought to be
make a pile and call it my life

lock the door and hit the floor groan that was my life
now look at everything it’s beutiful that’s my life

all a dream you can tell me what i mean
it’s the sameday it’s the sameday
judgements off gotta go with my first thought
on the sameday it’s the sameday


Here’s the link for you: http://www.freakscene.net/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=000046

Btw, I too have that Underworld show on CD. It’s really magnificent. I actually burned myself a copy of that show just last week. I’ve been listening to it pretty much everyday.

Can I ask you a question about that show…I’m not an expert on guitars or guitarplaying, so I’m wondering…how does J shift from "normal" acoustic guitar sound to that amplified sound, that electric hard sound? I know, I sound like an idiot here but I have to ask, you know. Is there a guy backstage who helps him out or what? <img> Or does J do it with his foot?

Anyway, J’s so funny in that show. "Play a song" <img>

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