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er yeah….

bit of explaining to do I guess. I was having a secret rendezvous with an ex-girlfriend of mine from about 10 years ago whilst I was still at school. At the time, we liked exactly the same music, and I used to send her endless tapes.

Having not seen her for an awful long time, I decided I would surprise her with tickets to PSOI. When we met, she looked very different, and proclaimed that the last album she bought was by N-Sync.

No prizes for guessing what her reaction was when I produced the tickets…. Tried to fob her off by saying that Westlife were supporting, but no joy. Felt very sheepish – hence no postings. Sorry gang – let you all down..

On the positive side, should be seeing her again soon (having recently been informed that my longtime partner is not ready to settle down – information that would have been more useful three years ago) and will post a full review the next time n-sync are in town…

Big Love