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Yeah,sorry;when you get some indie or punk folks talking it`s hard for others not in the know to understand what the hell they`re talking about.
Kurticus7,my advice to you is check out allmusic.com and type in some bands you`ve heard about in the search box and that will give you some info on them and the albums they`ve done.I don`t mind giving out info here it`s just I`ll problably forget some info that allmusic would talk about.
Here`s some Pavement info from me:
formed in 89 in Stockton,Cali.
originally a trio,Steve Malkmus on vocals,gtr,Spiral Stairs(Scott Kannberg) on gtr and Gary Young on drums
recorded some singles and eps in 89/90 and a full length in 91-Slanted And Enchanted.
in 94 released Crooked Rain Crooked Rain -add new members-drummer Young left,replaced by Steve West,percussionist/singer Bob Nastdonovich and bassist Mark Ibold(also plays in Free Kitten)
Those two albums are highly recommended by me,those are the main ones to get,other albums have good songs but is`nt as consistent as the first two albums,these include:
Westing-compilation of early singles-89-91
Wowee Zowee-95
Brighten The Corners-97
Terror Twilight-99

There`s also some eps and cd singles around too.
Check out Launch.com for some Pavement videos.