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Yeah, there are many many examples of "spoiled" ballots in this election and all past elections. I understand that due to the tightness of this election why spoiled ballots would be a concern, but shit happens. Plus there are other accounts of heavily Republican counties in other states that had as many as 26,000 spoiled ballots. It always happens. Here’s the bottom line: The absentee ballots are the big mystery here. There are about 30,000 out there that have not been counted yet. Most of them are military and I know from personal experience that at least 7 out of 10 military personnel are Republicans. I have heard that alluded to in the press, and I am telling you, I was in the military for 7 years and I know its a fact. So, despite the many hand-counts, the numbers have stayed basically the same, and when the absentees are counted Saturday morning, I predict we will see a strong shift in favor of Bush.

Regarding the popular vote/electoral vote controversy, Gore’s popular vote lead over Bush is a small fraction of the total number of nation-wide absentee ballots yet to be counted, so even that isn’t written in stone yet.

The only recount mandated by Florida state law (by the way state laws override federal laws most of the time) was the machine recount. A hand recount is an ignorant undertaking for reasons too numerous to go into. It’s a stall-tactic by the Goreites. Another Florida state law states that the non-absentee ballots must be in for certification no later than 5pm, 7 days after the end of the election. SO, when the federal judge in Miami was supposedly handing out a Gore legal victory yesterday by allowing the hand counts to continue, he was really passing the ball back to the State of Florida, which has the authority to enforce the 5PM dealine – much too soon for hand counts to be completed. Not only that, in at least one Florida county, they stopped counting by hand when they realized the numbers were going to turn out exactly the same anyway!

Those butterfly ballots are common, and were approved in advance via a mail survey by the same goombahs who are complaining now. Goombahs who, by the way, didn’t complain until they realized their man was losing.

This is all so F’d up anyway. Everyone should just vote Libertarian and send a message to the big Coke-n-Pepsi of politics


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