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Hey…don’t shut down this conversation until I weigh in. That would be denying my right to annoy the hell out of some of you, therefore, denying the "will of Jebus."

1) The 19,000 votes that were supposedly "thrown out" were actually ballots which were disgarded when the voter made a mistake and asked for another ballot. There was not 19,000 "wasted votes." Of course, we rarely hear this.

2) We’ve had two recounts as of this moment. A hand recount, to me, brings in the probability of human error, plus the high possibility of fraud. Voter fraud is alive and healthy in this country.

3) Jesse Jackson really annoys the hell out of me.

4) I think the major media outlets, plus CNN, leans left also. I too watch FOX. Plus, FOX has lots of hot polichicks. Love that Paula Zahn. I like O’Reily as well. Dig the Beltway Boys. Dislike Hannity and Colms quite a bit.

5) Exit polling sucks.

6) Did we hear as much "get rid of the Electoral system" when it was Bush that was thought to win the popular vote, but lose the electoral??

7) How does this country, in the booming economy and technological wizardry world we currently live in, sleep at night knowing that we have such a screwy voting system. Here in Oklahoma, I was given a cardboard sheet, a marker and told to "connect them thare dots by the candidates name of your choice." Why don’t I just take a rock and scratch "R" or "D" on the inside of the voting booth??

8) Anybody for tax cuts??

9) It’s very cool to see some conservatives on this board. And a LIBERTARIAN!!! That rules. I voted for Harry Browne last time around, and damn near did again this time.

10) The coolest Presidential slogan i’ve ever seen: "Oklahoman’s for Bush."

Mmmmmmm….floor pie.