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Welli think its wrong that the ballot was screwed up and that all those people waster thier votes, and i think the manual ballot is necesary by state law, i mean if a computer fucks up the first time by over a 1000 votes then something is wrong, Bush is scared because if the trend of al gore gaining votes continues hes going to lose and now hes trying to stop the manual recount and get recount in other close states so he wouldnt need florida to win. All i have to say is a recount should not be done but in a instance like this something has to be done, we are so technologicaly advanced yet were going to screw someone out of the presidency no matte who wins the other candidate is screwed,because they both have a good case for becoming president, and just because if one president wins florida doesnt mean he will become president someone in the electoral college could vote for the other candidate (If offered a good position in the presidents cabinent or something) Im glad to see that so many people care about there life and politics here, i also think we need more than two strong partys becuase all we do is vote for the lesser of two evils,

something got to be done

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