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Hi Chris, I’m out of the media/Clinton discussion now; it’s evident that people will never agree about it. I am always glad to hear other people’s views though; from time to time I learn valuable things.

The only thing I take issue with at this point is your implication that my "ideals are along the same lines as those being reported". I think you mentioned this twice. I don’t see how you can possibly know my ideals when A) I haven’t talked about them at all, and B) you don’t even know for whom I voted. I wasn’t making an argument for the leftist part of the media, I was just trying to express my opinion that both sides have equal influence.

I totally am happy to debate till my fingers are blue but it bothers me a little that you would make assumptions about just where it is I’m coming from. I take your arguments as you print them, nothing more, & I would appreciate the same courtesy.

Thanks Chris. I really think you rock & I hope we can message more without making it personal! I would hate to think that we were brought together by music & ripped apart by politics.

Much respect

"Lyrics have no dress code, from KRS to Depeche Mode" — Method Man

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