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Hey Rosa,

I appreciate your 2 cents but feel the need to clarify my point. I am in no way in support of limiting the media in any way. I agree that people can use their grey matter to sift thru the mess and choose what they believe and go from there. My problem is that in The Race for the Prize ie the almighty ratings the accuracy and integrity of the news has lost out in a big way (gotta love when you can use a Flaming Lips reference to try and make a point). I agree with Hager there is a bias in the media but my main concern is with the spin they create which ends up like a feeding frenzy. The news making the news not reporting it objectively is a problem…..hard to distinguish at times between news shows and trash entertainment shows.

You cited some examples like OJ and Jon Benet, there have been many other examples I am sure you are aware of…Columbine & over in the UK there was a series of articles pointing out pedaphiles in communities…they were wrong and people got hurt. There has to be a point where the media takes responsibility for what they report and I don’t mean small back page retractions but make some serious changes in how they check their sources. Those were serious mistakes made on election nite by all the media and they pretty much went oh well and kept going. There is talk about changes for the next election…..have we not heard this before….do I believe it..no. I feel it is time for actions to speak louder than their empty promises. I do remain somewhat optimistic that people can change but again The Race for the Prize seems to be the ultimate goal not truth, accuracy and the news.