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So, Rosa, how is the leftist bias in the media in any way tied to the freedom of information on the web? It’s not! I think that if your views are on the same side of "center" that the media’s are, it’s difficult to detect the bias. I know that I always thought Foxnews was the only unbiased network, but I now know that they are actually bias a little to the right, which I find refreshing if not proper.
We are not talking anti-media here anyway. We are talking anti-media-bias. It is a known fact, i.e. many polls have been taken, that 99.7% of the people in the US TV, radio, and print media are Democrats, so it is not paranoid to speculate that they are biased, just a statement of fact.
These people are pushing cadidates in our faces who support the government unconstitutionally clamping down on our freedoms. Adolph Hitler would have loved to have had the power of the CNNs, ABC’s, etc on his side when he was rising to power.

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