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I voted for neither Bush nor Gore, but I think it is unfair to imply that the recount in Florida is some kind of tactic by the Gore camp to increase his odds. Everyone knew this would be a close race; aside from walk-in results in Florida & Washington hanging in the balance, each state also has 900,000-plus outstanding absentee ballots that have yet to be counted. My understanding is that the recount was ordered by federal officials, not a result of pressure from either camp. Of course, either camp could win the election by obtaining the Florida Electorals, but ultimately, in a race this close, there would be a lot of pissed of people on either side if the votes were not accurately counted.

Of course the media is biased, though I respectfully disagree with the notion that is always a liberal bias. (I think it is largely to their credit that any of us will hesitate to name our daughters Monica.) And I have a hunch that CNN chose to broadcast the interviews with those six Gore supporters because, as the ballots are recounted & more votes come in for Gore, his predicament is the exciting issue of the moment. News stations across the country continually project a winner then retract their projections, as the ballot count fluctuates. I think that since Bush made himself very accessible last night, people– especially Gore backers– are anxious for a little dose of Gore. I saw lots of reporters in Austin last night but only one guy in an empty park in Nashville.

I respect everyone’s opinions & I hope I don’t draw heat for voicing mine, as well! Democracy gives us all room to disagree as we so choose, which is probably why we rarely resort to throwing rocks at each other.

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