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This is getting crazy..!

Gore has the popular vote / Bush stands a very good chance of taking the electoral…
I’d like to clear it up now that the law says that whoever takes the electoral win, wins the race, so its doubtful that anyone would be able do take the victory from Bush should the this situation play out…

However things could change future elections regarding the electoral. According to CNN many people are calling for Gore to be the victor based soley on the popular vote, all of these people I’ve seen so far are Gore supporters (this is not unexpected.)

What one must separate is how much of this outcry is sincere concern for the sake of the system vs. "my guy (might not / didn’t) win, change the rules so that he does!"

I urge people to be wary of the main stream media. CNN just did an interview of six people, 3 in a salon in Chicago, and 3 in a Cafe in LA. All of these people were Gore supporters and not a single Bush supporter was interviewed. I find this to be a terrible bias, as I have often found the main stream media to be. I only ask that everyone take caution of what they hear…

I’d also like to point out that the Electorial College is an absolute and brilliant nessecity. It is not completely based on state population. In this it allows smaller states to play an important part in presidential elections. If the election were to be based soley on popular vote, candidates would only need to campain to large population areas, and possibly help to create policy that would only benefit these large population areas. The current election is a very clear example of this. If one looks on any of the national maps the many news broadcasts are showing, Bush has won over a great deal more physical real estate than Gore, who has won fewer states, but that have a higher electorial value. Would you want a few large cities to have a control of what the rest of the country has follow??? These policies are not archaic, they were well thought out and nessecary.

Does the Electoral College need reform regarding situations like the present??? Perhaps… Does the Electoral College need to be eliminated? Not if you want our country to remain free!

This is just my take on the situation, I want you all to realize that these conclusions have come after a great deal of careful thought…

And yes I did vote for Bush…


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