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Well, this is a potentially flammable topic, but I’ll participate, despite the possible consequences. I voted for Bush. I would like to say I voted my conscience and voted Libertarian , the only party whose platform I agree with more than a little (nearly 100%) but I, like many others, do not want to "waste" my vote, so I did not. And since Democrats (the politicians, not the good folks who vote for them), with their barely-hidden socialist agenda, are as far from Libertarians as night is from day and Republicans are (not much, but enough) less "Gestapo", I choose the lesser of what I percieve to be two evils. The Libertarian platform which says anything that does not harm another individual or infringe upon his or her rights should be legal, period, rings as true to me as the golden rule. Non-violent drug offenders should be released from prison and all banned substances should be un-banned, and any victimless-crime laws should be stricken from the lawbooks – drug use, certain sexual acts between consenting adults (of any gender), suicide, whatever. Each human’s business is his or her own as long as it doesn’t adversly effect another person. Anyone interested in these ideals should read any book at all by the great Ayn Rand (Anthem is very short and expresses perfectly the world we’re currently headed for). I’ll step down from the soapbox now, let the flame-war begin…but I’m not going to be dragged down into any cat fights. These are my opinions. Lots of people have unsuccessfully tried to convert me to both the extreme left and the extreme right, to no avail… Harry Brown is ten times more intelligent and thoughtful than either Bush or Gore.

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