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Matt, I agree with a lot of your points. It really is kind of lame that the legibility of the ballot should come into question ex post facto rather than sooner. But for what it’s worth, I saw a copy of the one in question today, and it really does resemble a game of Jenga as opposed to a ballot. I heard that even within Florida there are different ballots that are used?? Every state should use a similar form, in my humble opinion.

I do think that if a few people can re-vote, we should all be able to re-vote. The idea of our election process is that every person is equal in that we each have one vote. If some people get a second vote, I’d like one, too. I’ll still vote the same as I did, though.

One final thing to think about, for those of you who are so aggressively anti-media–without the media Jeremiah would not be able to maintain this website and we would not be able to view it, much less engage in this dialogue.

Of course the media screw up & stuff us full of crap from time to time, but I take comfort in my ability to objectively process what is put in front of me. I could have lived without the O.J. and the JonBenet and all that but I also am glad that I was able to watch the election results come in, and that I can watch Conan before I go to bed every night. No matter what channels you use to get your information, you have a brain to filter the barrage and you have fingers to turn off the tv. In matters like this I choose to "take the bad with the good", or the sensationalism with the facts, and make my own decisions about what’s going on. I would rather have good food and bad food than no food at all.

Really no hard feelings; just putting in my 2c before bedtime.