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Randy Jane

well, again….not a girl, but i have dark hair, and hazel eyes…mainly green, but sometimes blue.
Maybe I was meant to be a girl. I kind of like being a "little dude." Im stronger than I look but im still weak, most girls are stornger than me….but I think I could wipe out an entire fleet of flying babies. Although being little is cool, my stomache is also little and I cant eat much, so my body doesnt get all its supposed to get…….Im anemic, and I have a lack of iron. I get dizzy a lot, weak, and almost pass out if I hold notes too long while singing….but I have a pretty darn high tolerance for pain. The tooth thing didnt even hurt, some dude hit me in the head with a baseball bat….I had to go to the hospital so they could tell me to lay down on a bed and pay $50…but I didnt even get a headache from that…………ok bye, RJ.