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****J MASCIS + THE FROG [sic!] – Free so Free – (City Slang): J MASCIS has finished his second post Dinosaur Jr solo album. Since the mid 80’s, Dinosaur Jr have been a flagship of the legendary SST label, and the album ‘Bug’ with the hymn ‘Freakscene’ still counts as a milestone of independent music. In the beginning of the 90’s, the band moved to Warner Music and published 7 albums, which manifested Dinosaur’s reputation as a prominent US Indierock band until the late 90’s. J MASCIS’ wealth lies in his talent to write beautiful, unmistakable and affectingly melodious rock music, which is really singular in its genuine authenticity and its purity of composition. [wow. FC]
Numerous rock bands refer to his records. Like already with the predecessor album ‘More Light’, Masics worked on ‘Free so Free’ to a large extent alone, comparted in his studio ‘Bob’s Place’ in Massachusetts. Nevertheless he isn’t only a great songwriter and an unmistakable singer, but at the same time a fantastic drummer and guitarist, as well as a respectable bassist and keyboarder. ‘Free so Free’ spreads this typical Mascis melancholy, packed in beautiful and elaboratively arranged rock music and spiced with a surprisingly positive basic tendency ****


****One could nearly think that J Mascis finally separated from that particular woman after a difficult relationship, as often as he sings about "freedom" on "Free so Free". His new album could nearly be taken as a concept album about freedom. Stop! J Mascis? Hasn’t there been something? Yes, Mascis has been the leader of the alternative legend Dinosaur Jr.. On his third solo album the old rock dinosaur and multi-instrumentalist proceeds again rather unorthodox, like in old Dinosaur Jr days: Terribly diagonal vocals, screeching guitars and marvelously dreamful melodies with a catchy character. J mascis can convince fully and completely as a solo artist as well. And therefore, this CD isn’t not only an item for an old Dinosaur Jr fan, but also for everyone else… MD ****