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Bucky Ramone

From the Watt-mailing-list:

>From: lee ranaldo
>Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 23:17:39 EDT
>Hi Mike,
>it was one hell of a day, absolutely unfathomable—-if we hadn’t lived thru
>it I’d be hard to convince that it wasn’t a movie… horrible, unbelievable.
> we live so close; yet most of it we witnessed over the television like so
>many others. i’m happy to say we are all safe and sound/evacuated during the
>afternoon hours, by which time it was an ash-covered ghost town down there.
>surreal. we all went up to Kim and Thurston’s place which is on Houston &
>Lafayette, and spent the rest of the afternoon there huddled around the TV
>news. Everyone is safe, all the band, all the children, Jim, etc… Late
>last night we grabbed our car and escaped to Long Island to my mother’s house.
>Thanks for the concern, will write more soon. I’m praying this madness is
>now over……….