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some words from Thurston Moore…. (thanks Ryan)

To Everyone around the world – relatives, friends and acquaintances, contacting me for personal info, this is it right now — thanks for your concern. It’s a sad day.

Coco and I are here in Mass. — we drove up last Sunday night.

Kim was, and still is, in our apartment in Lower Manhattan. We’ve talked a couple of times, once right after the 1st report of trouble, and then later in the late afternoon, but phone contact is near impossible. She was there
preparing to fly to Paris this evening for a concert (which obviously did not transpire). Hopefully she can get a train out of NYC so I can go pick her up either in Springfield, MA or somewhere in CT.

Jim O’Rourke was sleeping in our studio, 3 blocks from the Twin Towers, and ran through a flurry of of dust in pitch blackness also to our apartment (I imagine our studio is pretty much wasted). As of yet nobody I know personally has been hurt or lost. I’ve received
emails from a few friends who eyewitnessed the jets crashing into the towers and all its subsequent chaos – it is really beyond comprehension.

Whatever gigs were happening involving myself this week I’m cancelling.
Coco’s a bit freaked and I’m staying here with her.