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I believe the report is for real, and that "Afghanistan" is going to offer him up to try to save their skin. I believe that may have been planned from the beginning…..Bin Laden’s own suicide mission if you will. There are also reports that Iraq has been the major financial backer of the operation. Personally, I hope that when Bin Laden is handed over, we then tell Afghanistan and Iraq (provided we know that they were behind Bin Laden) that they have 24 hours to evacuate citizens from major locations…..then retaliate in a way just short of utilizing nuclear weapons.

I truly don’t believe that many folks realize the devastation and trauma that’s been afflicted. I know I hadn’t until I started hearing stories of survivors and recounts of phone conversations. Can you imagine your husband, wife, son, daughter, father or mother calling to say, "we’re going to die….take care of _________. I love you. Bye." Chilling.

Mattman….I know many people are wondering why the WTC planes didn’t have passengers that attempted to thwart the hijacking, but I firmly believe that those people were led to believe that they were in no imminent danger. The folks on the PA plane that called relatives knew about the WTC planes. The folks on the WTC planes knew nothing. The only solace that can be taken is that the ending was probably very quick. The same can’t be said about the people inside the WTC.

There was a firefighter on FOX’s Bill O’ Rielley that stated he was in Vietnam for four years, ground troops, and it didn’t hold a candle to what he’d seen the last two days. That folks, is devestation.

I, personally, think that Bush has handled himself extremely well during this time, and i’m very encouraged by the upper brass in his administration (let me qualify that statement by saying i’m very politically conservative, having voted for Harry Brown for President, but very am very pleased with Bush even though I think he’s compromised to much re: spending). I appreciate that he’s not constantly on the TV trying to show the world how this is affecting him personally, or trying to be national psychologist. His main assett is his ability to work with people who aren’t ideologically similar…and the acts of solidarity between the two parties these past couple of days has, to me, been encouraging. Even i’m not so cynical I believe it’s all for show. GWB, I believe, will take very precise steps, and not fly off the handle in some "texas cowboy" mentallity as so many people seem to think he’ll do. Make no mistake, he’s not the stupid, babbling idiot that his adversaries make him out to be. I’ve got full confidence in him, General Powell, Condelezza Rice, Dick Cheney and Sec. Rumsfeld.

We, as a nation, will be stronger for this….i’m very encouraged by how our great citizens have reacted to this tragedy. No looting. No capitalizing on the chaos. The outpouring of support from all over the globe and the refusal of the American people to back down or live in fear.

Wow….what a ramble. And I haven’t even had my mornin’ cup a joe.

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