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"If there`s one thing I can`t explain
Why does the world have to have so much pain?
With all the ways of communicating
We can`t get in touch with who we`re hating

So turn on
turn on
turn on
the news

I hear it everyday on the radio
Somebody shoots some guy he does`nt even know
Airplanes falling out of the skies
A baby is born another one dies
Highways filled with refugees
Doctors finding out about disease
With all this uptight pushing and shoving
We can`t get in touch with who we`re loving

So turn on
Turn on
Turn on
The News"

Husker Du-Turn On The News

Glad everyone here is safe,I hope Flying Cloud gets in contact with her sister.It seemed the more the day went on the sicker I felt,I guess I was in shock at first,I thought it was a plane that went out of control and crashed into the wtc,when Allison said terrorists were involved and I heard 2 planes crashed into the wtc and the pentagon I realized this was something that was problably planned for years.
I went to school with palestinians and kids from other arab nations,they talked about the injustice of not having a country to call home,as Tony said this is the wrong way to achieve their goal.This will not give them their land.The arab kids I went to school with did`nt hate America or talk about terrorist acts,they we`re like any other kids.
I`ll let Dylan close this post:
"I met a man wounded in love
I met a man wounded in hatred"