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Hello boys,

I think good communication skills are essential for and very much relevant to a leader’s ability to do a good job.

I really don’t think Bush is "camera shy"…and if he is, then shame on him for ever running for such a high-profile position!

You know, when I watch him on camera, it’s like I can hear the little neurons in his brain trying to connect with each other and form coherent thoughts….perhaps too much cocaine has addled his central nervous system?

Just a thought [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img] …don’t want to get too nasty here as I’m extremely exhausted and may come to regret it when dawn breaks…

But thanks for your concern Matt…it means a lot. I am from NY, and my Mom & I have been trying all day to get ahold of people on the east coast. It’s been difficult because the phone lines are so messed up, but so far everyone seems to be okay. A friend of mine in Brooklyn said it is just so weird to look out over the familiar Manhattan skyline and see a gaping hole where the Towers used to be.

Hope you all can get some sleep tonight…take care