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I sorely am missing President Clinton right now. He would have been in New York and would have addressed the nation twice before Bush even got out of Florida.

I just think it is the President’s responsibility to reassure the people in times of crisis, and from George W. I feel absolutely no comfort and no security.

He keeps stirring up economic shit in the U.S., and he has so badly damaged our relationship with our European neighbors and other nations that no culprit, domestic or foreign, would surprise me. I think he is war-hungry and reactionary, and I think he is trying to carry out all this unfinished business on behalf of his old man. He wasn’t in office for 3 months before he started dropping bombs in Iraq, and we all know his record in Texas.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, but I think the fact that Clinton was able to get Israel & Palestine to at least sit down and TALK together was a HUGE step in the direction of peace. But when Bush came into office, his administration immediately aligned itself with Israel and shot that possibility to shit. No wonder Palestinians were cheering today.

I’m not anti-Republican; I thought Mayor Giuliani did a fantastic job addressing the media and the people of New York, and I was very impressed with his resolve and sense of calm. I can "rally" behind any leader who has the capacity to genuinely comfort in times of distress.

I just wish W would have spent as much of his 3-minute speech reassuring the U.S. as he did promising us "vengeance". But I guess I will just have to take comfort in the fact that he only tripped over two words this time.

Please take care of yourselves. I consider so many of you my friends and you are all in my heart & in my thoughts….and I hope I haven’t totally alienated our Bush supporters. (Matt, does this mean we can’t get married now?)

Love & Bless