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buckingham rabbit

I’m just going to say that I was already a cynical person with little faith in human beings. The events of last year just further solidified that belief. Yoko Ono has been pushing, again, for people to "give peace a chance." It’s useless because that goes against human nature. Violence and hate are so engrained into our genetic makeup that there will never be peace. Too many people are self-serving, self-centered, and ignorant. I’m not saying that all people are scumbags, because they aren’t. There are good people out there who do good things. However, humanity–people as a species, a whole–I don’t think there is much hope for. It sickens me that things like 9/11 happen, but I am not surprised. Fuck placing blame on US imperialism or Muslim zealots. Something like this was going to happen anyway, if not in the US then somewhere else, and for entirely different reasons. If you look at history there are countless atrocities that rival and surpass what happened last year. We merely have to go back to the Holocaust to find something that’s worse.

On another note, as much as I hate the media, I don’t think they are controlled by the government. They were just too afraid of criticizing Bush after 9/11 because his approval rate was at 80% or higher, I don’t remember. That means 80% of their viewers like what Bush was doing. You criticise him, you piss them off, and then you’re fucking with your advertising revenue. If you know about the Vietnam war and the media, then you know that it was definitely not controlled by the government. Granted, that was 30 years ago…