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Again I’m not talking about the general americans out there, I’m talking about the six or so freaksceners who expressed their grief at last year getting lumped in with that general pool based on simple statements of grief. The simple statements of grief by those six or so freakscene members did not in any way imply agreement with george’s policies, that they bought the media spin on the event, that any of us here felt the need to spend more on suv’s or whatever to fix what is broken in the us, I am surprised that the assumptions were made that they did, thats my problem with that…like I said the 1st time.

As to legalization of pot in canda, never gonna happen. What I think will happen is decriminilization of small amounts. Can never see what the senate recommended coming to any kind of fruition, although I’d like to, just don’t believe there is a chance in hell canada will regulate and sell pot like alcohol. We do have free healthcare, but are taxed to death to get what we have. The access to specialized services and diagnostic testing sometimes takes years…people are heading to the us to get their own MRI scans done rather than die waiting, but not all can afford that. I think the best health care is a mix of private and public similar to that seen in Sweden.


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