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</font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Valentine Frankenstein:
<strong>Don’t see anyone in this thread, on this site, putting fourth anything that would remotely be classified as self aggrandizing….thats my problem with the question <img>

</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>You’re not self-aggrandizing, you’re Canadian. I’m talking about Americans. People who claim to be profoundly changed, yet think buying more SUVs is the answer. People who think 2600 people dying once is somehow greater then the death of easily 4 times that many every day from hunger. People who think we can declare war on soverign nations for the actions of it’s private citizens. That’s America right now. You’re Canadian. You’re exempt.

Which brings me to a funny Canadian joke I saw on the Onion. It was asking what people thought of the Canadian legislature voting to legalize marijuana and someone said: "Wait. They’re legallizing pot, have free health care, and virtually no crime. We make fun of them, why?"