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Roberts thoughts to Rosa(and everyone else for that matter):

First of all, to those of you living in the US, this is just the thoughts of someone from outside the US, -so if you’re offended by anything I say please forgive me. I mean no harm.

Of course I felt sorry for the people who died -and their friends and family. But for me the biggest tragedy is, as I tried to explain in my post yesterday, the whole deal that followed 9/11.

-The situation in Israel, where the violence and injustice towards the palestinians(spelling?) has grown to unbelivable heights. This, allthough I have no friends or family there, upsets me alot.

-How Bush(and a lot of other americans) insists that it was an attack on the "free world" and that it would change our lives forever. It wasn’t, it was an attack on the US. And for me and most other people in Norway it has had little or no impact on our daily lives. One thing that has changed though, is the public opinion towards the US(the Bush administration.) Norway has traditionally been very US friendly, this has changed over the last year. People are generally more sceptic towards the US and feel that the "war" towards terrorism has gotten outa hand.

-It saddens me to see how the government controls the press, especially in the months following the attack. How there was an almost total lack of criticism and debate of how the Bush administration handled the situation. And there was no attempts to try to explain why there was an attack, it was just labelled as an insane terrorist attack, of course this is true -but in the norwegian press and media generally there has been drawn up some explanation as to "why the US."

-How the US now wants to attack Irak, with or without the support of the UN. And with no solid evidence that Irak has nuclear weapons. Sending in UN observers seems to be almost unwanted by the Bush administration. This upsets me alot, there are innoscent people in Irak as in any other countries -therefor there must be rockhard evidence before an attack is launched. And, if Irak has nuclear weapons, well -then an attack on Irak can lead to all sort of situations.

-For me it is also strange that there seems to be no or little reflection over the US military actions in other countries the last 50 years. I would have thought that an attack on US grounds would make the people re-evaluate this.

-Every day, more children are dying from starvation and abuse than the number killed in the attack. I’m not saying that this lessens the suffering of those affected -but it, atleast for me, gives it an perspecitive. And I feel that the poverty and suffering of these children has "drowned" to some extent(spelling?) since the attack.

I’ve got more -but I won’t make it too long to read for you. Hope I’ve given you a proper explanation of my post yesterday Rosa.