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Hey Allison. Thanks for your perspective. I didn’t mean to attack anyone personally; just surprised at the sheer volume of memorials, or whatever you wish to call them.

I also didn’t mean to imply that people (however directly/indirectly affected) don’t have a right to be upset. But why bring a year-old thread back up, just to reassert that you’re still upset? I too was upset and frightened on this day last year; I guess I just differ from everyone else in that the repurcussions aren’t as acute for me.

Don’t get me wrong- we’re all here to help each other out, of course, and if any of my friends are still genuinely upset then Rosa’s got your back, by all means. My problem is not that people are grieving; my problem is that it all seems rather vain. Again, I’m not directing that at any one person specifically; just a generalization as influenced by the media. No one seems to have anything original to say, and I’m referring to sources outside of this one as well. I wouldn’t mind a 9/11 thread if it offered some fresh perspective/ideas (i.e. channeling our suffering into a positive agenda for change; extending the scope of our empathy to include the rest of the world; raising critical questions as to the competency and efficiency of our government; etc). And I don’t even mind this one so much, because you all are giving me room to speak my mind, as general and disorganized as it might be <img>


p.s. den buck, I’m sorry that you have friends who were hurt and who suffered loss. I also agree with you about Tony Blair <img> , but as for Hussein, I think Bush is just attempting to carry out his old man’s unfinished business.

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