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Not going to commit one hundred percent to a blind devotion to the origin of our U.S. policies nor the means and ends. Still think we are entirely too focused on the covenantism ideals of the predominant religion in this land.

Far as a collective dissing of us as a thread, board people, whatever, I cannot chide what I am unwilling to fix or be a part of. It is frustrating to think back to over a year ago and remember how carefree I used to feel about having my slice of hassle-free democracy and eating it too. Sorry to say, it was not 9/11 that woke me up either. It was the realization that, even with the time I put in serving this land and its laws, I sat back and did little but criticize its shortcomings. Hardly ever did I take the time to count blessings nor did I bother to see if there was anything I could do, as one voice, to not so much cause a sea change, but express freedoms paid for in the blood of our ancestors inside and outside the U.S.A.

Voicing displeasure is the hallmark of democracy, indeed. Bringing actions to bear upon dissatisfaction is the precursor to growth. If activity does not follow the outrage, stagnation and blame take control and so does aquiescing to the convenient thinking such as "Hell, no one ever listened to me so therefore…", or my personal fav, "We do it like this because we always have…." Wish I could say others do this shit, but I have been guilty in some degree and probably always will be. I can admit seeing lousy examples set before me and following them out of habit. Really would like to say there is a sacrifice-free cure for all the societal and political woes in sight, but history shows that the Industrial Revolution was a success and I think we can build this shit right if we even but try.