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Bucky Ramone

Hey Rosa,

Mixed feelings here, a couple of friends of mine worked at the Deutsche Bank, the DB building was standing next to the WTC, they got out alive, one of them got some nasty cuts from some flying glass, from their stories I know they went through hell, and a couple of them lost some good friends, who worked at some law firm in the WTC, so yes, I know people who were directly involved in the disaster….

On the political side of things, president Bush’s war on terrorism has led to a change of regime in Afghanistan, but apart from that things are getting nowhere fast, I think that is the reason why Bush is now settling for a sitting target like Saddam Hussain (who is not too involved in this whole terrorism movement at all….), I think it is a quite sensible thing from most European countries (apart from the UK, where Tony Blair somehow is turning into a Bush-marionet) to back off from this ‘good guy/bad guy’ point of view.