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Didn’t know anyone personally, not american and am not celebrating the horror of last year, not buying the whole bush spiel, never did never will, didn’t think the us was immune but was horrified at the size, extent of damage & number lost. Didn’t need anything to make me examine my life and relationships, do that on my own as an adult, part of the whole evolution of myself as a person that I try and maintain. Agree rights are being trampled, never said I was in agreement with any of the extreme measures implemented in both of our countries to deal with the threat of terrorism. Glad Canada is taking a wait and see attitude toward the iraq thing. Aware of the inequities between Oklahoma bombing victims and the 9/11 financial settlements…not a whole lot I can do about that one, not saying I agree with it but Hey! Not pleased with the Red Cross misleading people about where the donations would go, not all that surprised by that though. Don’t get me started on the media coverage <img>

9/11 changed me, not saying I’ve become a better person thru this tragedy. I’ve come to appreciate the selflessness of people in situations like this, the firefighters, emergency medical personnel, police that raced into those buildings to try and help people, the people helping each other…that chokes me up everytime. Some might say thats their job, well it is, definitely takes special people to do that…I admire all of them no matter what their political ideaology is, what football team they like, if they don’t wear black all the time…this tragedy made me appreciate those kind of things. I don’t think thats a bad thing!

Come to think of it, I do need a new car <img>


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