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I’m surprised at the number of freaksceners who are contributing to this thread. Did any of you know people who were involved? Did you think that the U.S. was immune to attack (i.e. were you surprised)? And did you really need such a graphic & monumental display of death to make you reevaluate your own lives?

I’m really not trying to be crass, or to offend anyone. I’m completely serious, and curious. Because I didn’t know anyone involved. I had no money or property at stake. I didn’t experience any personal revelations, nor did I feel compelled to write poems about freedom. I was not affected by the attacks, with the exception of just becoming more resentful toward our government, and the ignorant flag-wavers who serve only to embarass.

I feel horrible that lives were lost, and that a few zealots have cast all Muslims in a bad light.

But instead of taking 9/11 as a wakeup call that maybe our colonialism/imperialistic attitudes are getting out of hand, we’ve decided ‘gee, maybe I need to spend more time with my family, and get that car I’ve always wanted’.

I guess I just don’t understand the need to celebrate. My heart goes out to the families of the victims on every side. I just think that the whole situation has been mishandled, and has become an insult to the people who did indeed make sacrifices. Wealthy families on Wall Street are receiving millions from both public donations and federal compensation. What about victims of other tragedies? What about providing money or education to young people in the middle east (or other economically underpriveleged areas) so this doesn’t happen again? The media are mouthpieces for the Bush administration. Dissent is being squashed as though we were living in 1940s communist territory; Bill Maher got fired, for god’s sake. Radio stations aren’t being allowed to play certain songs. The whole country is insisting that things will never be the same again, because that’s what all the news programs are telling us, with little exception.

I can’t buy into the American obsession with death and tragedy. I refuse to proclaim that I’m a somehow deeply changed person, thereby letting the Bush administration win its little game of rule-by-fear. And I’m saddened to think that this day will be rehashed on the news every year until we’re all immune to it anyway.

I mean absolutely no offense to the deceased or their families and acquaintances. But on this day I choose to think on the role of the U.S. in the global village, and not about all the things that I’m doing wrong with my life. Because my life is good.

Would enjoy hearing other peoples’ thoughts.