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I am offering my own apology to you. When I posted that thread, my intent was to make sense for myself the depth and weight of everything I had been hearing, seeing and feeling for the last few days. In no way did I intentionally try to imply or point out any undesirable points or takes on your threads. In fact, I would go so far as to say the similarities in the way we think and express ourselves might point to the beginnings of a good friendship. I hope I am clear in this respect. Again, my apologies.

I have been struggling also to swallow our imperfections as a nation, due to my own natural tendency to accept everything about our way of life as being just and proper. When I first started reading this post back on page one, I was highly pissed off over the fact that partisianship could even be thought of at a time like this. Maybe this is "separation anxiety" [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img] Then, as soon as I went to work, I had my co-worker mindlessly rail off about how the major networks have a liberal bias and how she was so happy to hear "the truth". I am totally against party politics but am very pro- issue and pro-grass roots. I told her I thought everyone should have thier own enclave to hear things in a way they want to. Man, she got pissed! In that respect, I must say tough luck. As Mattman said, some people need to be told of their freedoms and reminded how we, as a civilization, got to the point we are at now. Sometimes, shunning in itself can lead to all sorts of things. But silence at a time action is called for is just as bad if not worse.
Big ups for DIY life ethic!