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I think I found a direction on the John Winthrop post a few pages back that fits at this point. Mattman, you talked about how we were hit due to our own complacency. If a nation, a people, become complacent or, shall I say, secure, or even comfortable, for that matter, would they do so because they feel they have the right to feel that way? What gives us the right? Why should we have the right to feel that way more than any other nation?

I think we are the greatest people on the face of this earth and that is only because I grew up here, lived here my whole live, served to protect its interests, and am currently benefiting from doing
so via my tuition. That is solely a view I can take in correlation to the experiences I have. The view cannot be taken and thrust upon anyone else as "gospel" or mandate. I must continue to be open-minded and respectful of all people, regardless of their criteria, experiences and views. The "city on a hill" is more visible, and thus more likely to cause others to feel it is out of reach and off limits. When that occurs, resentment kindles, followed by animallike, instinctive action. In short, attitude—>behavior—> consequence.

So far, none of us are sure what is soon to transpire as a result of this cycle played out on a national scale. All I know is that for me to be of any use to anyone else in this time of need, I have to do what I need to do to keep my thoughts and actions in harmony and then project that to my fellows, doing nothing more
than the next right thing, if that is all I can do.

Mattman, I agree with you by the way. You just gave me a good launching pad is all. Nothing more.