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OK Salami

In my reckoning, Pavement got together around ’90, so that would limit it to only one of five album/12" releases by GBV.

So, is it:

1.Land Of Danger
2.Let’s Ride
3.Like I Do
4.Sometimes I Cry
5.She Wants To Know
6.Fountain Of Youth
7.The Other Place
Old Battery
2.Discussing Wallace Chambers
4.Crux (R.Pollard,Mitchell,J.Pollard)
5.A Portrait Destroyed By Fire (R.Pollard,Mitchell)
6.3 Year Old Man (R.Pollard,J.Pollard)
7.Dog’s Out
8.A Proud And Booming Industry (R.Pollard,Mitchell,J.Pollard)
9.Hank’s Little Fingers
11.Hey Hey, Spaceman
12.The Tumblers
13.Bread Alone (R.Pollard,J.Pollard)
14.Captain’s Dead
.Lips Of Steel (R.Pollard,Mitchell,J.Pollard,Fennell)
2.A Visit To The Creep Doctor
5.Get To Know The Ropes
6.Can’t Stop (J.Pollard,R.Pollard)
7.The Drinking Jim Crow
8.Trap Soul Door (R.Pollard,Mitchell)
9.Common Rebels (R.Pollard,Fennell,J.Pollard,Mitchell)
10.Long Distance Man
11.I Certainly Hope Not
12.Adverse Wind
1.The Future Is In Eggs (R.Pollard,J.Pollard,Mitchell)
2.The Great Blake St. Canoe Race
3.Slopes Of Big Ugly
4.Paper Girl
5.Navigating Flood Regions
6.An Earful O’ Wax
7.White Whale (R.Pollard,J.Pollard)
9.Short On Posters (R.Pollard,J.Pollard)
10.Chief Barrell Belly
11.Dying To Try This
12.The Qualifying Remainder (R.Pollard,J.Pollard,Mitchell,Fennell)
13.Liar’s Tale
14.Radio Show (Trust The Wizard) (R.Pollard,J.Pollard)


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