Taken from a Spin mag promotion for that Our Band Could… book.

The New Math Rock
Calculating the benefits of thrift and the cost of not selling out.

-Number of references to indie rock "DIY" (do-it-yourself) ethic: 22
-Number of times diminutive actor Mickey Rooney is connected to said ethic: 2
-Number of times Dinosaur Jr. frontman/"slacker" icon J. Mascis is connected to said ethic: 0
-Number of attendees at a June 1981 Black Flag performance in Santa Monica, CA: 3,500 people
-Number of attendees at 1982 Black Flag performance in Tusla, OK: 2
-Number of times Black Flag singer Henry Rollins broke his wrist by hitting an audience member on the head while performing: 2
-Number of songs on the Minutemen’s 1981 "The Punch Line" EP: 18
-Duration, in minutes, of the Minutemen’s "The Punch Line" EP: 15
-Number of explanations given for the Minutemen’s band moniker: 2
-Number of explanations pertaining to the brevity of their songs: 0
-Number of references to alcohol consumption involving members of the Replacements: 40
-Number of references to alcohol consumption involving Washington DC, straight-edge pioneers Minor Threat: 1
-Number of times Minor Threat are compared to the Beatles: 1
-Number of times NYC noise-rock upstarts Sonic Youth are compared to the Monkees: 1
-Percentage of former Monkees who profess to be Butthole Surfers fans: 25
-Number of scathing verbal bitch-slaps doled out to other musicians by former Big Black frontman Steve Albini: 10
-Number of times per week that cash-strapped Sub Pop cofounder Bruce
Pavitt sold his blood after arriving in Seattle in 1983: 2
-Sup Pop cash assets at the time of its 1988 incorporation: $43,000
-Amount of money made by Sub Pop as a result of Nirvana signing to Geffen in 1991: more than $1.5 million
-Number of days required to record Husker Du’s 1984 double-album opus "Zen Arcade": 2
-Estimated recording budget for entire Big Black catalog: $2,000-$3,000
-Budget for Minutemen’s "This Aint No Picnic" video: $440
-Reported budget for Blink-182’s "The Rock Show" video: $500,000
-Percentage of woe in above two figures: 100

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