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I try very hard to keep crap out of my life but this week something horrible has infiltrated my world!!!! I apologize in advance, Canada has been responsible for more than its fair share of crap…alannis, celine, shania…but Jennifer Lopez is driving me absolutely crazy. Enough already, get out get out get out of my world!!!


ps wondering if anyone heard me scream….watching some superbowl stuff and who shows up but the crap I have been trying to avoid…..save me..Jennifer Lopez on a superbowl show…god. It will get worse thou apparently Aerosmith will be on the same stage as the most horrifying kiddie bands around….what happened to Joe Perry..he has lost his mind, only explanation is the invasion of the body snatchers theory…its not him its something else…wishful thinking. Never cared for aerosmith in general but he was a great guitar player.

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