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Dimpf – how can you steal Phil Collins from us??? That "easy lover" is 100% English! Yeah – Celine is Canadian (but entered the Eurovision Song Contest singing for Switzerland, interestingly enough). And if you think you hate Oasis now, try living here. Everything about them is terrible, and with that Liam prick believing all his own hype, I just prey to God that they disappear soon.

I’m also really glad that they haven’t made it in the US. He was on MTV the other night saying that the reason they hadn’t made it over there is that the Americans don’t understand Oasis. Pardon me, Liam, but you would have to be pretty fu**ing stoopid to not get Oasis. WIth lyrics like "he’s got a sister, and on the palm of her hand is a blister" you ain’t exactly got to be Einstein to realise that they are just thick Northern talentless pricks.

But how could I have forgotten the Scorpions and "Wind of Change" (sing as "weeeend of change"). The reason I stopped watching MTV for about three years, for the fear of catching a glimpse of those truly horrible whistling soft rockers.

Hah! Now that I’ve got $100 million to splash around, I’ll be making a few improvements.